Messaging Platform

AAT’s Messaging platform is a premium mobile platform offering cloud applications and developer APIs supporting Bulk SMS, Bulk MMS, USSD, Premium SMS Short Codes and Even Billing Services. (EBS)

Since 2014 AAT’s online messaging platform has attracted 570,000 visits with over 4,000,000 pages accessed yearly. It supports over 3,600 Corporate, SMME and SOHO entities consisting of 12,000 registered users.

AAT Messaging services are available in South Africa as well as Lesotho (Bulk SMS and USSD) and internationally for Bulk SMS.

Mobile Messaging Platform

The product range is comprehensive and is divided into “cloud” messaging systems for end users and a range of Developer API’s for smart integration into corporate systems.

As well as standard mobile channels such as Bulk SMS, the Team is skilled at creating custom mobile solutions and apps to meet brand and business needs.

Bulk SMS

As the name suggests, Bulk SMS offers you a pure Bulk tool for sending anything from a few hundred to thousands of SMS.

Bulk SMS can be sent quickly on-line, or captured in an Excel spreadsheet (containing the cell number and message) and e-mailed or uploaded for immediate sending.

Features include a Calendar option, Bulk SMS Templates, a SMS Inbox for you to view SMS replies, and a range of settings from zip file security to “No SMS time zones” for the advanced users.

Bulk SMS comes free with all Accounts, and can be accessed from anywhere and requires no installation.

SMS Mail

SMS Mail is a solution for sending and receiving Bulk SMS from any PC, cell phone or Mobile device that has Internet access.

SMS Mail is feature rich, and allows importing of your contact list, easy contact management, sending of single and group SMS, receiving SMS, Calendar SMS, Template SMS and even forwarding of received SMS to your cellphone, for when you are not in the office.

Requiring no installation, SMS Mail can be accessed from anywhere, anytime!

Email 2 SMS

Designed mainly for Developers, Email 2 SMS allows you to send an e-mail from within an application, or from an E-mail client, to your personal Email-SMS-Email address.

The e-mail is then received and converted into a Bulk SMS and sent.

Bulk SMS replies are delivered back to an E-mail address of your choice.

You can send multiple Bulk SMS at a time, with the SMS message in the body of the e-mail, and the cell numbers in the subject line.

Messaging Combo

Send Bulk SMS and MMS as easily as you send e-mails from Microsoft® Outlook®

Messaging Combo allows you to send and receive Bulk SMS, and send MMS, directly from Outlook®.

Features include:

  1. Send and receive Bulk SMS.
  2. Send MMS.
  3. Calendar option to schedule your SMS.
  4. Option for Outlook appointment reminders to be sent directly to your phone.
  5. Option to have incoming e-mails forwarded to your cellphone as an SMS, or in the case of long e-mails, as an MMS.

Combo is easy to use, integrates snugly with Outlook 2007 and 2010, and makes use of your current address book.

Please note:

  • Combo is compatible with Outlook 2007 and 2010.
  • Combo costs R10 (excl. VAT) per month per subscription.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS offers you a smart, affordable and fast Premium Rated SMS solution.

Premium SMS is ideal for quickly setting up a competition line or a survey. You are able to easily edit your service settings online, as well as receive full reporting on all received and sent SMS.

Shared short codes

You can get started immediately by creating up to 3 unique keywords on a shared premium short code of your choice.

For example: “SMS the keyword WIN to 32715”.

You can also create multiple Premium SMS services using different short codes.

Dedicated short codes

You can also select from a range of dedicated premium short codes.

Having a dedicated short code will give you unlimited keywords and more flexibility for your campaign.

Number Availability

Dedicated Premium SMS Short Codes are scarce and not always available, so please check with us first if you require a dedicated short code.

Please note that Premium SMS is not available to Pre-Paid clients.

Standard Rate SMS Inbox

Make receiving information via SMS easy!

With Standard Rate SMS Inbox you are given a unique 5 digit shortcode number. As it is a Standard Rate shortcode, clients are charged at their normal Contract or Pre-Paid rates for the SMS. Replies to these SMS are sent back to the client from your Corporate SMS Account, allowing for a closed circle of communication.

Number Availability

As standard rate short codes are scarce, please check with us first BEFORE SUBSCRIBING if you require a standard rate short code.

Bulk MMS

Bulk MMS allows you to send pictures, sounds clips, video clips and up to 5,000 characters of text!

Your MMS Media can be uploaded from the website, previewed, and sent immediately or saved to be sent on a future date.

For Advanced Users, MMS Media can also be e-mailed to your personal MMS E-mail address. Once we receive your E-mail, we convert it and deliver the MMS to all your recipients immediately.

Bulk MMS also includes a Contact List for the easy creation of individual or group Bulk MMS sends.

Bulk SMS is included free with all accounts.

Developer APIs

AAT Messaging have a suite of developers solutions to suit your every need. We handle most bearer technologies allowing you too easily integrate a solution into any system.

The likes of SMS, MMS, Short Codes, USSD and Event Billing are technologies we currently support and coupled with these we have various products which will allow you to choose your preferred method of communication to our Gateway.

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