It is well known that there are many more mobile phones in the world than TVs and PCs put together. Most of us carry our mobile phones everywhere we go, and in Africa the mobile phone is often the “first screen” for many of us.

As mobile technology advances and we become more mobile, so too does the way brands communicate to their audience.

Mobi Sites

Vodacom Mobi Site

Vodacom Messaging: South Africa’s leading SMS, MMS, Short Code, Mobile Messaging and Gateway provider. Go to on your phone.

Legit Mobi Site

LEGiT: Register, enter competitions and browse the latest Stylebook fashion. Go to on your phone.

South African Weather

South African Weather: Receive the latest, up to date weather reports. Go to on your phone.

Africa not just a mobile-first continent — it’s mobile only

Our Approach to Mobi

We don’t consider Responsive Design a solution for enabling a website on mobile phones. Pertinent to the mobile landscape in Africa, many basic and feature phones do not support the heavy scripting that Responsive Design requires. On the flip side, you don’t want users with advanced smart phones to be limited in their experience of your Mobi site.

Our approach is to centralise all content and expose it through different versions of the Mobi site that take into account the mobile phone that is browsing.

An example is a store locator: Users with a smart phone can seamlessly locate their nearest store using GPS, while others will need to browse a selection of menus.

 Competitions   Uploading pictures and selfies, answering quizzes
 Registering   Opting in to receive brand information
 Store Locator   GPS enabled with maps and directions
 Social Media   Integration of channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for fresh content
 Quick Connect   Click-to-Call and click-to-SMS buttons
 Entertainment   Embedding of video content