WeChat is an IM (Instant Messenger) that runs on virtually all mobile phones with a data (internet) connection. WeChat joins the likes of Mxit and WhatsApp in the mobile messaging space, and was launched in South Africa in February 2013.

WeChat Brand X
WeChat Brand X


Social Communication App

Since then it has enjoyed phenomenal growth with experts estimating South African WeChat users at roughly 4 million, thanks to a 400% growth in 2014 on the back of aggressive above-the-line advertising and successful partnerships, for example with Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral.

WeChat is positioned as a “social communication app” and not a social network, as it allows for private sharing of content between friends.

How is WeChat being used for Mobile Marketing?

WeChat allows Brands to create “public accounts”, which are similar to company pages on Facebook. These channels can then be accessed by consumers to interact with the brand.

As it is a rich media channel, consumers can receive and share:

  1. Pictures
  2. Text Messages
  3. Voice Clips
  4. Video
  5. Location information
  6. QR Code Scanning

WeChat is perfect for one-on-one interactions between a consumer and a brand – it’s a pumped up messaging App.

WeChat Logo

What Mobile Operating Systems does WeChat work on?

 iOS   All versions
 Android   All versions
 Blackberry   Blackberry OS 5, 6, 7
 Nokia   Asha, X3, Symbian
 Windows Phone   All versions