Andrew UysAndrew Uys’ lifelong dream of becoming a superhero has been long in the making, as he’s still on the hunt for the perfect institute that’ll imbue him with the right kind of cape-slinging and flame-busting skills. In the interim, he ventured off to get some additional skills under his belt. Joining the AAT team in December 2007 and sporting two Diplomas in IT Programming and Networking, Andrew’s also picked up another certificate in PC Engineering since then.

Driven by his passion for getting things right, first time round, Andrew invests his time and energy keenly, often staying up until all hours of the night to hone his skills and expand his knowledge base.

Honest, reliable and realistic, Andrew spends his time away from the monitor with close friends and family. Andrew and his wife have a deep interest in exploring other cultures and intricate plans to travel the globe and, one day, they may just find that Superhero Academy!