Ben PretoriusBen Pretorius is a fan of pulling a “Blue Steel” in photographs and a fan of cold steel in his hobbies. As a child, he would spend hours reading books on how things work – his favourite place to be was the Library or behind one of his favourite magazines, like Archimedes (later known as Electronics123).

Naturally, his curiosity lent itself to technology and, after school he studied a range of entry-level courses to familiarise himself with the world of computers and technology. After gaining good experience in the hardware side of things, Ben found himself leaning more towards software development and quickly learnt to programme in C# and about the .Net Framework. He’s been coding ever since and is now proficient in C#, Java, ASP, ASP.Net Web Forms and MVC.

When he’s not at his machine, he’s spending time with his girlfriend or teeing off on the golf course. He also enjoys adding collectibles to his knife collection, motorsport, shooting and Ben has practiced a range of Martial Arts over the years. On quieter days though, you may find him in front of his Xbox!