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The most efficient way to manage brand promotions and activations.

Welcome to BrandChat

We solve the problem of managing brand promotions by giving all promoters and supervisors the ability to accurately and visually report on promotions from their mobile phones.

We use ubiquitous mobile channels such as WeChat, Mxit, USSD and Mobi allowing promoters and supervisors to give accurate and instant feedback on live promotions. All from their own mobile phones.

Data is aggregated into dashboards, insights and key indicators and presented beautifully and securely on your browser.



Data reports are designed per campaign to collect relevant insights and key information.

This includes sales figures, activity information and multi-media feedback via pictures, voice and video clips. Proof of location can be included.

Reports are on-line and digitally secure, meaning you can access them in real time from your desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone – anywhere, anytime.

BrandChat Compatability

Taking into account the disparity of mobile phones in the market place, we integrate seamlessly with media rich instant messengers WeChat and Mxit and device agnostic USSD.


With estimations of 5 million users in South Africa and growing rapidly, WeChat offers a rich media platform for feature and smart phones.


South Africa’s original instant messenger, Mxit is a solid and popular platform with an estimated 4 million users.


“Mobi for the Masses” has the advantage of working on any mobile phone, but is limited to text feedback only.

BrandChat Features

Standard Features

Our set of standard features that are used for most campaigns.

QR Code Account Link
OTP SMS Authentication
Picture Uploads
Video Uploads
Sales Feedback
Text Feedback
Voice Clip Feedback

Advanced Features

For campaigns that require a bit more, we can bolt on advanced features as required.

GPS proof of presence at location
Scheduled Reminder Broadcasts
Training Broadcasts
Store Direction Assistance
User Training
Barcode Scanning

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AAT House, MRM Office Park
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