GeoWeaver combines 3 interconnected elements to expose a simple, flexible, robust and powerful mapping platform.

The Geoweaver Mapping Platform makes it easy for companies to add fully interactive maps to their web and mobile services at an SMME or Enterprise level with the option of “cloud” or locally hosted services.

Some of our clients include the likes of TomTom, MapIT, Bidtrac, ANWB, IS and Private Property.

Geoweaver Elements

Developer Zone

The Developer Zone allows for creation of a unique mapping experience for users across multiple devices.

Customised elements include for example POIs, map types (normal, hybrid and satellite), directions, vector engines and mapping controls.


Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform is used by mission critical applications in the security and banking industries amongst others. Our servers are redundant and load-balanced ensuring a responsive, reliable service. GeoWeaver is updated every 3 months with the latest global data from TomTom, and local partners MapIT who are the industry leaders for coverage and accuracy.


Geoweaver Server

Offering the full functionality of the Cloud platform, the GeoWeaver standalone server is built on this core technology giving you the full power in your enterprise environment.

It supports almost any programming language: A rich set of functions are exposed for data retrieval, and it is fast enough to layer high performance data-centric geo-spatial Apps on.

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