Jolene’s two great passions led her, eventually, to AAT. Growing up, she always loved design and technology and held a deep-seated desire to help animals in need. During high school, she regularly volunteered at animal rescue shelters like CROW and the SPCA, and later combined her interests in Graphic Design to help raise funds for animal welfare organisations.

After studying Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design, she took up a post as a Personal Assistant in the export and import industries, where she also created Industry Catalogues, keeping the design spark alive beyond the administrative duties she had.

Jolene joined AAT as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer in 2005, working her way up to her current position as Media Development Manager. Thanks to her sharp administrative skills, Jolene also became involved in the sales and marketing functions of AAT’s operations, and took on a dual role in 2013, also becoming Project Manager.