Lil-Lets Embraces Digital & Mobile

When Lil-lets wanted a complete revamp of its web presence in South Africa ahead of the launch of its innovative We Are Women campaign, it turned to TellPeach and Always Active Technologies (AAT) to tackle the job and solve a tricky challenge – how to make the content engaging on multiple platforms, including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Durban-based companies TellPeach and AAT, working closely with agency M&C Saatchi Abel, completed the job in just three weeks and, thanks to the team effort, the campaign is proving a huge success.

“It was a real challenge, but we thrive on pressure and it was an absolute pleasure to work with a client and partners who understand the power of the mobile web,” said Peach Piche from TellPeach.

Alan Haarhoff, Mobile Business Manager at AAT added: “More than 14 million South Africans access the internet via their mobile phones compared to just seven million who use personal computers. And most of those mobile surfers are on old fashioned feature phones, not sophisticated, expensive smartphones. We wanted to ensure Lil-lets could reach the full spectrum of internet users.”

The Team were able to achieve this by employing a combination of cutting edge web building tools and cellular technology to ensure that web content was delivered to any device, from high end desktop PC to the cheapest cellphone.

Peach commented: “What made this special for us was the reach this afforded our client. Responsive design allowed us to focus on one website,, and not worry about developing a second, mobi version. Throw in USSD and suddenly anyone with a mobile phone can engage with the brand.”

Web pages built using responsive design techniques automatically resize themselves to best suit the device on which they are being displayed. USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a technology that gives even the most basic feature phone the ability to receive and send data. When you type that series of stars, numbers and hashes into your handset to check your available airtime, you’re using USSD.

While responsive design meant the that web page was viewable on any web capable browser, USSD meant the company was able to make that same information, including its popular Period Planner, available to the most basic cellphones, even those without a web browser.

In addition, they created QR (quick response) codes which were placed on print adverts, giving the many consumers with QR code readers in their mobile devices access to further information.

All this gels with one of their guiding principles – to produce “device agnostic” services and websites, that can be used by people on any device.

“We believe that someone using an older or less sophisticated cell phone should be able to access the same range of services as someone on a smartphone or tablet computer. Sure, the look and feel will be different, but the core information should be the same.” said Haarhoff.

TellPeach’s Peach Piche was pleased with the results. “The Team were phenomenal – we managed to deliver under ludicrous deadlines and have loads of fun at the same time,” she said.

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