Nic PapadopoulosTaking a gap year after completing Matric, Nic still didn’t quite know what he wanted to study or work towards so, he followed in his brother’s footsteps and worked as an architectural draftsman for many years. The knowledge gained during that time would, however, stand him in good stead later on! After a few years, he set off to travel Europe, picking up enough savings to study further. When he returned to South Africa, he completed a Computer Science Diploma and joined AAT shortly afterwards.

The notion of creating and constructing buildings easily played over into his role as Junior Developer at AAT, where Nic became highly skilled in creating solid systems. He’s now Development Manager for AAT, and oversees a range of projects with a keen eye for little cracks in the walls, so to speak.

When he’s not scouring systems for bugs or dreaming up a solid new system, you’ll find Nic relaxing with his wife and two kids, or hitting the MTB tracks.