Riaan GrobbelaarFrom a young age, Riaan has always leant towards the more artistic side of life, and he deeply enjoyed Art as a school subject. But, perhaps what’s really helped him carve his path is his ability to wholeheartedly commit to the tasks put before him. During his National Service, once he’d completed his round of basic training, he opted to remain as an staff member at the Ladysmith army base, as it meant he could continue working on both his art and his passion for computers.

Once he’d completed his National Service, Riaan was employed by a reputable Durban-based interior decorator, which saw him selling beautiful household decor pieces and designing kitchen and living room layouts, using a very early version of Corel Draw. After that, he went on to work for a company called American Graphics, an subsidiary of American Car Sales, growing from his role as signwriter to a senior creative designer.

Sadly retrenched when the company underwent financial issues, Riaan found himself needing to cancel his subscription with his Internet Service Provider, as he could no longer afford it. Back then, the ISP was called DBN.LIA.NET and, while speaking to the owners about cancellation, Riaan found himself being asked if he’d be keen to fill a support role at the company. After his initial interview with the then owners, Rob and Anthea Fisher, Riaan was offered, and accepted the post immediately.

At DBN.LIA.NET, Riaan’s diverse role exposed him to a number of technical and creative aspects of the business. As the years went by and the business grew in various ways, DBN.LIA.NET became one of the foundations for AAT and the rest, as they say, is history.