We have a ‘Live Demo’ explaining how the GBV Ukusiza Solution works.

USSD: To browse our demo, simply dial *134*74466# (reversed billed – Free to user) on your handset and press CALL. You will be presented with the main menu comprised of 3 options:

  1. Need Support / Mentor
  2. Can Support / Mentor
  3. Need Help – Emergency

Users can either register as 1. A “Victim”, seeking support and help from others or 2. Register as a supporter, offering help and/or guidance to victims.

The Third option is a Live Panic Button Solution which can be used in a real emergency.

Users select this option and an alert is sent to our trained response operators who will immediately call you. They will stay in contact with you throughout your emergency, while also coordinating emergency responders, such as Armed Response, Medical, and SAPS, all in ‘Real Time’.

For more information regarding our Live Panic Button Solution, please visit the ICEplus Website.

TRY IT NOW: *134*74466#

Once prompted, you will be required to enter Access Code: 007 to continue.

Please Note: Whilst option 1 and 2 is part of our demo, option 3 “Need Help – Emergency”, is linked to our live ICEPLUS Call Centre, so we kindly ask that you use this option responsibly.

View flow: https://www.aat.co.za/gbv_ukusiza_project_flow/ 

REPORTING: To browse our real time online reporting, visit Brandchat and use the following login details:

Email (Username): [email protected]
Password: gbvuku3iz4

Reports are available on-line 24/7 under a personal secure login, and Report summaries can be scheduled and delivered automatically via e-mail daily, weekly and monthly.

Reports both quantitative and qualitative are available as a graphical charts which can be downloaded; as well as in an excel data file for analysis or importing into any data house.